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Shotblasting Machines Division

In April 2010, the IMF acquired Carlo Banfi S.r.l., a company with more than 70 years experience in manufacturing machines that are renowned for their excellence in the world of shot blasting, sand blasting and shot peening. At the headquarters and in its factories the IMF S.r.l., Luino continues the tradition established by an international leader in the design and manufacture of installations for shot blasting, sand blasting and mechanical stripping, and plants for springs and rods. Transformed in 1950 from an artisan company into an extensively structured industrial enterprise, Carlo Banfi gradually developed into the field of manufacturing machinery and equipment with a high level of technological complexity, to quickly attain recognition and undisputed leadership in the arena of machines and plants for surface treatment. Carlo Banfi always operated on the principle: “The client should be satisfied with the results” and always kept his promise. This principle will always be maintained by IMF S.r.l.