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Available Machinery

We are listing in this section equipment that has recently become available as a result of changes in the market for our products. We can therefore offer exceptional value on brand new IMF equipment with early delivery.

Our full warranty applies to all the machines in this category.

Click the pdf to view the technical specification for each machine. For further information contact available.machinery@imf.it

No-Bake Flaskless moulding systems

– Complete No-bake Flasksless moulding system


– T36/60-SL Automatic Mixer


– MP 4200 Manual manipulator
– Large Flask semi-automatic manipulators

Shake-out units

– Grid dimensions 3000 x 4000 mm (with double pre-reclaimer)
– Lump Crusher : FV250-300 Type – Capacity up to 30 Ton/hour

Dynamic Reclamation

– New design attrition mill
– Fluidized bed sand cooler 10 ton/hour delivery
– Dynamic reclamation combining the attrition mill and fludized bed sand
cooler 5-6 ton/hour delivery

Fast-form moulding system

Chromite Separator

Gas fired thermal reclamation systems

– Gas fired thermal reclamation system 1,5 ton/hour throughput
– Gas fired thermal reclamation system 2,5 ton/hour throughput

Gassing units

– Gassing units: Type IMF 20

Vertical Storage System