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The IMF offers its Clients a consultancy service for designing complete foundries. It has its own team of engineers and technologists who are able to follow a project through all its phases, from the construction of new facilities or the renovation of existing facilities, from the preliminary analysis of the design, to construction supervision. The individual aspects of the project are analysed starting from the storage of materials right up to the delivery of castings, not excluding the development of special software perfectly adapted to the type of production the client is undertaking.
Specific studies are conducted to investigate every aspect of a project: market research in order to address the strategic choices of the Client on the type of castings to be produced, civil engineering and environmental studies to analyse the overall construction of the plant, technological studies of the process and metallurgical aspects, economic-financial studies to assess the payback. Once the project is approved, the IMF is in charge of following up the implementation, the delivery and the start-up.
The IMF may also, at the request of the Client, carry out an analysis of return on investment and provide the necessary support with obtaining of specific financing.
The IMF has always believed in the importance of the design and research phases and the collaboration that are established with each Client. A partnership based on dialogue and the ability to empathise with Clients of diverse nationalities and sectors that for this reason have specific needs and characteristics. Each solution is built together with the Client along a common pathway that leads to finding targeted and customised solutions. This working method often leads the IMF to doing research on problems identified by Clients. Research that is therefore not an end in itself but is addressed constructively to the resolution of concrete problems and supporting the continuous experimentation that is carried out in the early stages of prototyping and construction.